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            Molecular Formula: C4F6
            Molecular Weight: 162
            CAS: 685-63-2

            Project Index
            Appearance colorless, not turbid
            Hexafluorobutadiene content ≥98%
            Moisture <50PPm(V)
            N2 <80PPm(V)
            O2 <20PPm(V)
            CO2 <20PPm(V)

            Properties: Flammable, toxic, colorless, and tasteless freshly bottled liquefied compressed gas, harmful to inhalation, after mixing with air, when the concentration reaches 7%, there is an immediate danger of burning and explosion
            Uses: Plasma etching of semiconductors, excellent dry etching gas. Fluorine-containing rubber, synthetic fluorine-containing elastomer and resin with excellent electrical properties
            Storage: Store in a cool and ventilated place, keep the container tightly closed. The temperature stored in the original container does not exceed 50°C. Avoid direct sunlight. Be careful not to mix and store with oxidant. Keep away from fireworks.
            Transportation: According to the compressed gas and liquefied gas toxic gas standard transportation
            Packaging: 10L or 47L steel cylinder compressed packaging, or packaging according to customer requirements

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