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            Welcome to Fujian Kings Fluoride Industry Co., Ltd website!
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            Message from the Chairman:

            Toward the dream, move forward together


            Fujian Kings Fluoride Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the foothills of Wuyi Mountain, in Jianyang District, Nanping City. The company was established in 2001. Twenty years of in-depth cooperation with Sinochem Group, we have never stopped learning the advanced concepts of state-owned enterprises.

            Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to management and innovation, gathering favorable conditions and factors, relying on our own fluorite mine resources and the existing mature core technology and technology, step by step, and leap year by year. Jianyang Jinshi Fluorine has become an outstanding fluorine-containing chemical material advanced manufacturing enterprise, providing more professional and high-quality services to global customers and realizing its own value.

            In the future, we will stick to our original intention, innovate and develop, and with a struggling attitude, we will focus on the development of high-end cleaning and etching agents in the field of new semiconductor materials, continue to research and develop new technologies and new products, and refine Jianyang Jinshi Fluorine into a company that satisfies employees. A sustainable, high-quality company recognized by the society and trusted by shareholders.

            Welcome to Jinshi Fluorine Industry, learn about the construction of kilns in the Song Dynasty, visit the Wuyi Mountains of the twin generations, and taste Dahongpao tea. Looking forward to working with you!




            Fujian Kings Fluoride Industry Co., Ltd.

            Chairman Chen Jianhua

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            Tel: +86-599-5636998

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            Address: Nanping City, Jianyang District, Fujian Province , China

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